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Zipp Gets Her Wings is the third episode of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale.[1] It was released on April 7, 2022. It was previously released in Greek and Finnish on April 6th, before being made private until the regular release time.

The episode's original upload calls it "Zipp's Flight School".


Zipp's friends get her to run a makeshift flight school so she can teach other Pegasi how to fly better.


The episode opens with Zipp performing flight maneuvers in Maretime Bay. Pipp is revealed to have been filming her, and Zipp makes her stop, insisting that she doesn't want followers.

After the title card, Sunny is serving smoothies to Hitch and Izzy, but notes that her fruit delivery is hours late. The fruit deliverer, Fifi, suddenly crash-lands into a stall of sunglasses. Zipp remarks that somepony needs to teach the Pegasi how to fly, and her friends set her up to be just that pony. Zipp is agitated, but gives in and demonstrates how to navigate an obstacle course. After everypony fails multiple times, Zipp gives up and retreats to a hill to be on her own. She sees a mare encouraging her foal even though he fell during a flight attempt, and it reminds her of a time when Queen Haven told her not to give up back when she wasn't able to fly, which inspired young Zipp to do stunts instead. With renewed motivation, Zipp continued training the other Pegasi with the help of her friends, and eventually all four trainees are able to fly beautifully.


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  1. According to the Youtube copyright ID system, there is a reference upload of this episode which describes it as episode three. It is the second episode by release time