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Zephyr Heights is a kingdom in Equestria inhabited by Pegasi. It is Pipp Petals's and Zipp Storm's place of residence, and is governed by Queen Haven, their mother. It is first introduced in the film My Little Pony: A New Generation, as one of the places Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow visit on their quest to restore magic to Equestria.

Zephyr Heights is also the modern adaptation of Canterlot from G4. As the stainglass windows in the throne room are the same, and promotional media is shown to be Canterlot.

Infrastructure and places

Zephyr Heights' modern buildings

Zephyr Heights' pegasi live in big buildings, which are very modern and technologic, with big screens that broadcasts the Zephyr Heights' TV news program ZBS, product advertising and even Pipp's live streams. The city also has many big malls, cafeterias, snack bars, shops, outdoor tables with parasol and decorative plants. All buildings are white and golden with stainglass windows. It also has many street walkways that cross over the streets.

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is where the Royal family (Queen Haven, Princess Zipp Storm and Princess Pipp Petals) live and rule Zephyr Heights from. The rooms of the castle seen in the movie are the large throne room (that is also used for the Pipp's peformance in the Royal Gala celebration), dungeons cells (that look more like spa cells than dungeons), Queen Haven's room, a bathroom, a swimming room for Haven to swim and a control room that is used by a technician pony to work behind the scenes of the Royal family flying, with invisible wires and good light.

High above the throne room, there a little room where all wires are connected with, Queen Haven used it to retouch her makeup for the royal celebration and Pipp used it earlier for her live stream also about the celebration.

Zephyr Heights' Ancient Station

The castle has an abandoned old station, where unicorns and earth ponies used to visit the pegasi in Zephyr Heights in the time were all pony kind lived in harmony and were magic still existed. It has a stained glass window depicting Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark and the Pegasus Crystal and Unicorn Crystal.




  • Zephyr Heights is an expansion city of Chicoltgo.
    • Chicoltgo is a similar city name as Chicago.