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Welcome to Mane Melody is the fifth episode of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. It was released on Youtube on April 14, 2022; it was suddenly made private while the other foreign uploads of the episodes stayed up, but this was fixed within the same day.

On the Hindi YouTube channel, the episode is given the title "The Maneificent Five"; it is not known if this is a mistake referring to a future episode.


Pipp's new combination mane salon and karaoke bar is threatened by a potential bad review.


Pipp sings while styling ponies' manes and welcoming a new customer, Posey, to Mane Melody. Everypony has been leaving perfect reviews, but Posey leaves a neutral review, which shatters Pipp's nerves. Pipp tries to shake it off, but the next customer is Phyllis, a reviewer notorious for getting businesses shut down. While trying to style Phyllis' mane, Pipp is distracted by the terrifying thought of receiving another imperfect review and accidentally shaves off a large chunk of hair. She flees the building, leaving Sunny to tend to Phyllis.

Zipp goes outside to fetch Pipp and finds her sulking with despair. She reignites Pipp's spirit by pointing out all the happy, confident ponies wearing hairstyles that Pipp gave. Believing in herself once again, Pipp returns to Phyllis and does her mane--exactly the same way it was before. Phyllis turns out to be pleased and leaves a positive review, and everypony cheers for Pipp. Zipp decides to let Pipp style her mane, much to Pipp's enthusiasm.


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