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"Time for another adventure!"

—Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle, known formally as Princess Twilight Sparkle was an Alicorn and the former ruler of Equestria. She used to represent the element of Magic and was one of the six Guardians of Harmony.


Twilight was originally quite introverted and a bit rude, but eventually came out of her shell more. She held a bit of snark and was quite well-read. Twilight tried to be rational and find logic in situations. She held her friends in high regard and rose to power after proving her understanding of friendship.


Twilight Sparkle has a lavender coat, and her mane and tail are dark indigo with streaks of purple and pink. Her mane and tail end in straight edges, reflecting her straight-edge personality. Her eyes are purple and almond-shaped. Her cutie mark was a pink six-pointed starburst with five smaller white stars.

Concept Art

Earlier G5 ideas featured redesigns of the Generation 4 characters from the cartoon. The concept art leaked in early 2017 made one major change from Twilight Sparkle from Friendship is Magic: her lack of a horn. Aside from the species change, her designs all looked very similar with her trademark bangs and purple/blue color scheme. All designs with a cutie mark kept her six-pointed star. Further artwork featured designs with a bracelet.


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