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Toots is an Earth pony from My Little Pony: A New Generation. He is often seen with his co-worker Sweets.


Toots is a CanterLogic employee, working for Phyllis Cloverleaf. However, when Sprout becomes "emperor" of Maretime Bay, he takes orders from him instead.

He is anxious and acts more nervous around Sprout than the other workers, but he still remained loyal, such as when he refused to tell Hitch and Sunny what Sprout was up to after signing the "Official Sprout Act".

After previously fearing unicorn and pegasi, he can be seen posing with a unicorn for a photo at the end of the film.


Toots has a unique body type in that he is slightly taller and significantly chubbier than other earth ponies. He has light teal fur with a pale chest, fetlocks, and stripe between his eyes. His tail, eyebrows, and mane are all amber, with the latter being in a side-swept style. He has brown eyes and blue-gray hooves.

He wears a white collar with a blue tie that has lighter and darker blue stripes. He has a gold ID holder clipped to his collar.

His cutie mark is a checklist clip board with a green check mark next to it.

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