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The Unboxing of Izzy is the sixth episode of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. It was released April 21, 2022. The Portuguese version was uploaded on April 14th, 2022.


Hitch is eager to show his friends on a tour, but Izzy finds an old unicorn trap.


Hitch Trailblazer is just about to take his friends on a tour around Maretime Bay, but Izzy gets caught in a leftover unicorn trap. When Hitch tries to free her, he finds that the release button isn't working, and he is disheartened that he won't be able to show Izzy around properly. He wants to cancel the tour, but Izzy uses her magic to levitate the box and the other mares tie a rope around it to guide her. They convince Hitch to continue the tour anyway.

While passing through the streets of Maretime Bay, Izzy's box unintentionally crashes into all sorts of buildings and structures, causing mild destruction in their wake. Hitch takes the ponies to an art museum and is eager to see Pipp's reaction, but she is too busy painting Izzy's face on the box, disappointing him. He then shows them a ropes course, but instead of partaking in the course, Zipp is just playing on the rope tied to Izzy's box. This makes Hitch even more disgruntled.

Finally, Hitch takes the ponies to the beach, which is the destination he chose specially for Izzy. He gets so frustrated with Izzy's inability to see that he goes frantic trying to bust open the box until she calms him down and suggests that they think together. After she accidentally floats off the edge of a cliff and crashes into the ocean, Hitch expresses how distraught he is that his perfect tour was ruined since all he wanted to do was show the ponies how amazing Maretime Bay is. Izzy assures him that he succeeded because she had fun, with Zipp and Pipp adding that they loved the places Hitch showed them as well. Hitch cheers up and after Sunny makes a "think outside the box" joke, he remembers an extra release button on the box and Izzy is able to be freed. The friends are ready to start the tour again, but this time, Hitch gets caught in a unicorn trap.


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