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Sweets is an Earth pony character in My Little Pony: A New Generation. She is often seen with her co-worker Toots.


Sweets is a CanterLogic employee, working for Phyllis Cloverleaf. However, when Sprout becomes "emperor" of Maretime Bay, she takes orders from him instead.

She is obedient but somewhat absent-minded, such as when she forgot to give Sprout the step for his pedestal. She is also shown to enjoy bubblegum and can be seen blowing bubbles in a couple of scenes.

After previously fearing unicorns and pegasi, Sweets now accepts friendship between all three pony kinds.


She is a taffy pink earth pony with lighter fetlocks, slightly darker eyebrows, and mauve hooves. She has a raspberry pink mane and tail with light pink streaks. Her mane is tied back with the ponytail pointing upwards, and she has a straight fringe. Her eyes are emerald green.

She wears a white collar with a green tie, and a green ID holder clipped to it. She has a hair accessory around her tail, close to the tip.


  • In early concept arts of the movie, Sweets' color palette was similar to Hitch Trailblazer's, with a yellow streak on her mane.
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