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Sunny-Day Dinners is the tenth episode of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. It was released on May 19, 2022, but was soon made temporarily private due to animation production details being visible during the intro.


Sunny feels like her friends are drifting away from her.


Sunny prepares a special breakfast for her friends, but they are all too busy to enjoy it with her. Sunny laments that she feels as if they are drifting apart, before getting the idea to go on a hiking trip together. She sends them a video message and they all seem eager to go, but when the time comes, nopony joins her. Izzy comes across Sunny by chance, and they set off hiking with just the two of them. However, the sign indicating the right path is broken, causing Sunny and Izzy to get lost in a dark and scary part of the woods.

Meanwhile, Zipp, Pipp, and Hitch suddenly remember the hiking trip. They rush to the Crystal Brighthouse to apologize to Sunny, but both she and Izzy are missing and it is getting late. The three of them go into the woods to find their friends, but all five of them are terrified and run in a frenzy until they eventually bump into each other. Afterwards, they end up camping and having dinner by the campfire, and Sunny is happy that they're all spending time together just like she wanted.


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