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Sprout Cloverleaf is a male Earth pony in the upcoming generation of My Little Pony. He is the deputy of Maretime Bay, serving with Hitch Trailblazer who is the sheriff. He serves as the main antagonist of My Little Pony: A New Generation.


Sprout is depicted as being cowardly, lazy, entitled, arrogant and opportunistic. He is jealous of Hitch Trailblazer, who became sheriff of Maretime Bay instead of him, even though Sprout did become Deputy. However, Sprout is incompetent at his job due to his cowardice and laziness, which often leaves Hitch exacerbated, annoyed and doing most of the real work.

As a result of being spoiled, coddled and misguided by his mother, Sprout became insecure, petty and bigoted towards unicorns and pegasi, as he vilified the other pony tribes even as a colt.

Upon becoming the (temporary) Sheriff of Maretime Bay, and by his mother's poor guidance, Sprout seized the opportunity to consolidate power by exploiting the earth ponies' fears of the unicorns and pegasi (due to Izzy Moonbow visiting Maretime Bay) and took over his mother's factory, Canterlogic, to produce arms to prepare for war against the unicorns and pegasi and went mad with power, going as far as to declare himself Emperor.

Regardless, after his war machine was destroyed and he saw what he had done, Sprout remorsefully listened to Sunny's words that ponykind had to come together in the name of friendship and harmony or otherwise continue to be separated by fear and distrust. As a result, Sprout appeared to turn a new leaf... although he retains some of his insecurity, as he privately asked his mother if he was a good sheriff (only for his mother to avoid answering the question altogether, leaving him sulking in annoyance).


He is a red Earth pony with a slicked back, blond mane, white socks, maroon hooves, and wavy blond tail. He also has green eyes, thick, dark red eyebrows, and a cutie mark of a purple beetroot.

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