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Sparky Sparkeroni is a baby dragon who first appears in My Little Pony: Make Your Mark.


Almost nothing is known about the origins of Sparky's egg other than it washed up on the beach of Maretime Bay. It was discovered by Sheriff Hitch Trailblazer on Maretime Bay Day. Unsure as to what animal the egg belonged to and concerned for its safety, Hitch took it back to the Sheriff's Station. He carefully set up the egg in a makeshift incubator in a cabinet and promised to find its parents, all while developing a paternal bond for whatever creature might hatch.

At first, only Hitch's seagull and crab friends knew of the egg. However, Zipp Storm soon found out about it. She agreed to keep the secret between the two of them and to find out the parentage of the egg. During the subsequent storm which nearly destroyed Maretime Bay, Hitch protected the egg. After the storm, when Hitch gained the power to understand other animals, they began to tell him the egg was special.

It was then that Hitch's Earth pony Magic allowed the egg to hatch revealing that it in fact contained a baby Dragon! Hitch was naturally awestruck by the development, as Sunny stated that Dragons had not been seen in Equestria for many years. Almost immediately, the Dragon known to be Sparky imprinted on Hitch, seeing him as his Father. Hitch immediately took custody of Sparky and accepted him as a Son. The rest of the Mane 5 were similarly excited by the arrival of Sparky.


Sparky is a green baby dragon with a light green underbelly. He has four horns which all curl backwards with swirls on them. He has low, long ears with pink insides. He has a pair of bat-like wings.

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