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Sisters Take Flight is the first episode of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale.[1] It was released on April 7, 2022.


Zipp and Pipp attend a goodbye party set up by their mother, which turns out to be a little overboard.


Pipp is struggling to pack her bags in preparation to leave Zephyr Heights, and Zipp arrives to tell her that they need to attend a goodbye party prepared by their mom. They end up riding a big float with her, surrounded by massive balloons of themselves. Pipp is having the time of her life; Zipp, not so much. Queen Haven quickly scolds the sisters when they start bickering. Sunny, Izzy, and Hitch are watching the parade on TV at home.

Later, Queen Haven gives a speech and presents a big statue created in Pipp and Zipp's likeness. Some Pegasi fly over to take photos of it, but being distracted by their phones, they crash into one another and kickstart a chain of events that leads to Pegasi bumping into balloons and being flung everywhere. Thunder ends up being knocked onto the giant Zipp balloon, but he manages to hold onto its face without falling. Queen Haven tries to resume her speech, but the Zipp balloon starts to deflate before exploding, sending a blast of air everywhere. After a moment's silence, the royal family laughs and takes a photo together.

After leaving their home, Pipp uncertainly asks if Zipp is going to miss Zephyr Heights. Zipp says she isn't sure, but they both agree they are ready for a new adventure together.


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  1. According to the Youtube copyright ID system, there is a reference upload of this episode which describes it as episode one. It is the third episode by release time