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Ruddy Sparks is a minor character in My Little Pony: A New Generation. He is a stage manager in Zephyr Heights.


Ruddy Sparks works behind the scenes for the royal family's appearances, including Pipp's concerts. He is skilled at utilizing technology and special effects to create the illusion that the royal family can fly. He seems to be loyal and trustworthy, as he was one of the only ponies who knew that they actually couldn't. Still, he kept the secret.

He used to be terrified of unicorns and, seemingly even moreso than the other pegasi were. But after magic returned, he acccepted friendship between all three pony kinds.


Ruddy sparks is pink with lighter fetlocks, slightly darker eyebrows, lilac eyes, and raspberry hooves. The feathers on the tips of his wings are a darker shade of pink. His mane and tail are white, but his beard is a dark grayish color. His Cutie Mark is two chili peppers. He wears an ID tag on a forest green lanyard.

His 2D art depicts him with lilac hooves and no beard.

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