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Rocky is a male Pegasus pony who debuted in My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. He first appeared in the fifth episode, and was later introduced in Make Your Mark as well. He works alongside Pipp and Jazz at Mane Melody, as a singer and mane stylist.



Rocky is a cream Pegasus with a white chest, white hooves, and golden orange wings. He wears a pendant of a golden orange electric guitar. He has a mulberry colored tail and slicked back mane, mulberry eyes, and a beauty mark on his right cheek. He has thick black eyebrows, one of which has a notch. His cutie mark is a mulberry music note with a stem shaped like a comb, surrounded by three gold sparkles.

In My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, his mane has a red-and-orange streak on his left side and his eyes are more of a pinkish purple. His mane and tail also fade to an orange gradient.

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