Rarity is a deceased unicorn in the upcoming generation of My Little Pony. She used to represent the element of Generosity.


Rarity was a generous and elegant unicorn. She enjoyed beauty and would mess with small details of things to make them more beautiful, including her friends. She could come off as vain or conceited, but was always very giving to others, sometimes to the point of self sabotage.


Rarity had a white coat with a slight blue tint and curly purple and mulberry hair. She had blue almond-shaped eyes with light blue eyeshadow. Her Cutie Mark was of three blue diamonds.

Concept Art

Earlier G5 ideas featured redesigns of the Generation 4 characters from the cartoon. Rarity is very similar to her G4 counterpart. Elements such as necklaces or gems as hair accessories are common and she keeps her curly hair. White as a secondary mane color appears in a few concepts.

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