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Queen Haven is a female Pegasus pony in Generation 5 of My Little Pony. She is the mother of Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm, and the Queen of Zephyr Heights. Cloudpuff is her pet.


Queen Haven is proud, classy, and loves attention (even at times when it's inappropriate, such as posing for a mugshot). She cares about her subjects to a fault and has made decisions to their detriment while trying to protect them.

Haven values her daughters above all else, although she seems to have a closer bond with Pipp and is enthralled by her singing. She wishes Zipp would open up to her more yet becomes exasperated when Zipp goes against her rules.

Haven's pride and overprotectiveness prove her own humiliation after the incident at the royal concert which lead to her arrest, but still had determination to put everything right and be back with her twin daughters.

After the crystal battle, Haven is amongst the other pony to realize their errors, making her accept friendship with all the other ponies and giving her ability to fly.


She has a pale pink coat, periwinkle hair with lilac streaks, gray hooves, blue-and-purple wings, and icy blue eyes with lavender eyeshadow.

She wears a dark purple vest, and a gold-and-aquamarine necklace and crown.


  • In French, she is referred to as Reine Colombe, or Queen Dove.

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