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Posey Bloom is a female Earth pony who appears in My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. She first appears in the fifth episode, Mane Melody.


Unlike the Mane 5 and most ponies of Equestria, Posey did not initially accepted the return of magic and the peace with pegasi and unicorns. Since her debut, she had always showed her low opinion on the new era of Equestria, such as giving the Mane Melody a neutral review, getting annoyed with Izzy and Señor Butterscotch in the Movie theater and when she (Izzy) wanted to get her (Posey) hoop earrings. Posey's negativity for the other pony kinds grew bigger in My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, she told The Mane 5 that she wished magic had never returned and even managed to convince the other earth ponies that the pegasi and unicorns werent meant to be with them. But she regretted her actions after seeing what the disharmony had done to Equestria. It was revealed that Posey's behavior was due to how she was feeling left out because the earth ponies didn't have any magic, so when they got magic on their own, Posey apologized for how she acted and even sang the new Maretime Bay song with Pipp at the Maretime Bay Day.


Posey is a yellow earth pony with light brown hooves. She has a pink tail tied in a green bow, and similarly a pink mane tied back in a ponytail with a green bow. Her eyes are green and she wears a beaded necklace with a five-leafed clover. Her Cutie Mark is a ring of six pink tulips with green stems.


  • She is based on Posey from G1, who served as the inspiration for Fluttershy in G4.
  • Posey shares the same surname as Clover from "My Little Pony Tales"
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