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Ponies are equine creatures that resemble real-life ponies. They are hooved magical creatures with manes and tails of hair. The Ponies of Equestria are able to speak, have opposable hooves, and some subspecies can use magic or fly.

Main Types

There are three main kinds of ponies. The ratio/distribution of these ponies is currently unknown. Historically, Earth ponies have been the most widespread.

Earth ponies

Main article: Earth ponies
Earth ponies are base ponies.

Pegasus ponies

Main article: Pegasus ponies
Pegasus ponies have wings and the ability to fly.


Main article: Unicorns
Unicorns have horns which enable them to perform spells.

Other Types of Ponies


Main Article: Alicorns
Alicorns are a mix of the three main types of ponies (Earth, Pegasus, and Unicorn).