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Pipp Petals (also referred to as Princess Petals and Ruby Petals in French and Italian) is a Pegasus pony in Generation 5 of My Little Pony. She, along with Zipp Storm, is one of the twin princesses of Zephyr Heights.


Pipp is confident, stylish, and glamorous. She is a talented pop star who treats the world as a stage and loves performing, singing, and engaging with her fans on social media on her mobile phone. Her performances mean a lot to her and she wants to lift others up with her songs. She is very close with her mother, Queen Haven, and tells her everything. However, her relationship with her sister is more strained as they disagree on whether or not it's okay to lie to other pegasi about the Royal Family's inability to fly.

She is slightly spoiled, and complacent in keeping secrets from the general public. She doesn't always think about consequences or the bigger picture, such as when she livestreamed Sunny and Izzy despite the fear it could cause.


Pipp is a light pink pegasus with golden hooves, and her legs have a slight gradation into lighter pink feathering. Her wings are fluffy and white and are made of large, soft feathers. Her violet mane is wavy and swept to one side, and her tail is of average length. She has kiwi green eyes and violet eyebrows.

Her cutie mark is a deep magenta music note with white bulbs. A yellow crown motif is featured on the interior of the music note.

She wears a gold headdress/tiara with a green jewel and golden wheat.

Pipp is somewhat shorter and chubbier than other ponies. She is the smallest out of the Mane 5.


  • Trademarks for Pipp Petals were filed on February 25th, 2021: One for toys,[2] another for media.[3]
  • According to the official My Little Pony site, her hobby is social media and singing.[4]
  • Pipp is not only a singer, but a dancer and an influencer.[5]
  • Pipp's fans are called "pippsqueaks"
  • Of the languages that keep the main characters names largely the same, Pipp is the only main one to have a different name in two of them (French and Italian), likely due to sounding like a sexual slang term in French.
  • Before her design was finalized, Pipp had reddish brown eyes. Some merchandise still depicts her with reddish eyes instead of green--mostly in 2D art, but there is a 3D render with the unfixed eye color as well.
  • Pipp is the younger Pegasus twin.
  • Pipp always has a microphone or mobile phone within' hoof's reach.


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