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Phyllis Cloverleaf is a female Earth pony in the fifth generation of My Little Pony. She owns the company and factory Canterlogic, whose products have been keeping the earth ponies safe and stylish for 20 moons. She is also the mother of Sprout Cloverleaf.


Just like most Earth ponies, Phyllis believes unicorns and pegasi are evil and a threat to earth ponies. In fact, at some point in the film, she and the employees of Canterlogic start to work on gadgets to help earth ponies protect themselves from unicorns and pegasi, exploiting their fears to profit off of them.

When it comes to her son, Sprout, she's a supportive mother who tries her best to please him, yet she set a poor example and misguided Sprout by instilling into him her biased beliefs and failing to keep his unflattering traits of insecurity, immaturity and his own hunger for power and glory from growing out of control. Still, there are limits and she will express her concerns whenever she feels like he's crossing any lines.

It was seeing the lengths her son went because of her misguidance and poor example, along with being moved by Sunny's words, that convinced Phyllis to let go of her bigoted beliefs and embrace friendship, unity and harmony with the other pony tribes.


She has a light peach pink coat, slightly lighter fetlocks, reddish hooves, and pale blue eyes. Her eyebrows, tail, and mane are all golden blonde, the latter of which consists of large curls bundled atop her head. She wears hot pink glasses with eyelash silhouettes attached via silver screws, as well as a pearl necklace and earrings. She has subtle lavender eyeshadow. She also wears a brown lanyard with her ID tag on it. Her cutie mark is a graph of three purple bars with a hot pink arrow going over it, depicting rising stocks.

When she was younger, her necklace only had one pearl, and she didn't have the pearl earrings. Her abundance of pearls now may be representative of her growing wealth over the years.


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