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Nightmare Roommate is the fourth episode of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. It was released on Youtube on April 7th, 2022. It was released in Italian and Malay on April 6th, before being made private until the regular release time.


The girls struggle to adjust to living with Izzy.


Sunny, Zipp, and Pipp are sleeping peacefully in the Crystal Brighthouse until they are awakened by a "ghost" and sent into a panic. The ghost turns out to a bedsheet that Izzy is magically levitating in her sleep, but even with that situation resolved, the girls are kept awake by Izzy snoring and talking in her sleep.

The next morning, Izzy cheerfully sings as she uses Zipp's hairspray, scribbles on some crosswords, and messily takes photos of her breakfast. Izzy greets her friends, who are tired and unhappy. The mood worsens when Zipp finds her hairspray can empty and her crossword puzzles ruined, and Pipp finds her phone covered in peanut butter. Sunny tells herself that her friends are just cranky due to their lack of sleep, but when she sees Izzy using her electric toothbrush to clean her ears, she decides to find a solution.

Feeling too awkward to confront Izzy, Sunny and her friends turn to Hitch for guidance, who advises them that honesty is always the best policy. After showing kindness to a prisoner by giving him tea, Hitch adds that offering a thoughtful gift can help too. The three girls give Izzy a present containing her own things so she doesn't have to use theirs anymore, but she reveals that she actually isn't interested in those things and was just trying to fit in because she's never lived with other ponies before. The friends assure Izzy that she doesn't need to try and fit in because she's perfect the way she is. Izzy takes a nap and starts snoring loudly again, leading Sunny to realize they still have things they need to work on.


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