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My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale is a 2D-animated series that premiered on April 7, 2022 on YouTube. The series is produced by Lil Critter Workshop. Episodes are approximately five minutes in length and release weekly onto the official My Little Pony YouTube channel. The show will also be available on Netflix in the future[1].


Living in Maretime Bay, our Pony BESTIES are having a ton of fun together! These 5-minute episodes offer funny, fast paced stories that will have everypony in stitches.[2]


According to a Kidscreen article, 70 episodes are expected in season 1.[3]

This table is sorted based on the episode numbers shown in the video thumbnails,[4] which do not always correspond to the release order of the episodes. The episode numbers were added to the thumbnails on May 30, 2022.

# Upload order Title Date Writer
1 3 Sisters Take Flight April 7, 2022 Gretchen Mallorie
Zipp and Pipp get ready for their going away party.
2 1 A Home to Share April 7, 2022 Jessica Silcock & Naomi Smith
Sunny and her friends attempt to turn the Crystal Brighthouse into the home of their dreams.
3 2 Zipp Gets Her Wings April 7, 2022 Tom Gidman
Zipp teaches some inexperienced Pegasus ponies how fly properly.
4 4 Nightmare Roommate April 7, 2022 Alex Collier
The girls struggle to adjust to living with Izzy.
5 5 Welcome to Mane Melody April 14, 2022 Ryan Denham
Pipp's new combination mane salon and karaoke bar is threatened by a potential bad review.
6 6 The Unboxing of Izzy April 21, 2022 Eric Branscum
Hitch is eager to show his friends on a tour, but Izzy finds an old unicorn trap.
7 8 Foal Me Once May 5, 2022 Celina Frenn
Hitch tries to find the thief stealing everything across the town.
8 7 Clip Trot April 28, 2022 Alex Collier
Pipp tries to get her friends in on a Clip Trot trend, but they aren't performing to her liking.
9 9 It's T.U.E.S. Day May 12, 2022 Ryan Denham
Izzy makes her very own unicorn friend after her other friends neglect to celebrate a unicorn holiday with her.
10 10 Sunny-Day Dinners May 19, 2022 Gretchen Mallorie
Sunny feels her friends are moving apart from her, and organizes a hiking trip to bring them together again.
11 11 Maretime Bay Day 2.0 May 26, 2022 Tom Gidman
A mishap with Pipp's laptop causes her to lose memories of Maretime Bay Day.
12 12 The Game Is a Hoof June 2, 2022 Ryan Denham
Zipp tries using her detective skills to figure out who took her missing sunglasses.
13 13 Dumpster Diving June 9, 2022 Alex Collier
Izzy searches Maretime Bay for the perfect ring to complete Sunny Starscout's gift.
14 14 Alicorn Issues June 16, 2022 Celina Frenn
Sunny struggles to control her magical alicorn powers.
15 15 Making a Foal of Me June 23, 2022 Jessica Silcock & Naomi Smith
Pipp unexpectedly finds that Hitch, Sunny, and Izzy have turned into foals.



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