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Merchandise is the driving force behind the franchise.
This page serves as a directory to the different sorts of merchandise.


Toys are the primary form of merchandise.
Speculation: Most toys are produced by Hasbro. Some toys are licensed out to third parties.
The "Toys" navbox should appear on any character's page that has a toy.

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Brushables are the "bread and butter" of the franchise. These are soft plastic figures with rooted hair. Tails are usually held in place with a metal washer on the inside, rather than also being rooted.
For ID help: Ponies by Pose

Blind Bags

Blind bags are small plastic figures that are often sold in packaging that obscures its contents, hence the "blind" aspect of the name. Some of these figures do have some sort of identifier, usually a printed-on code, which is used for both ensuring that one of each character is included in a shipment and for those in the know to purchase a specific figure.


Plush toys are fabric toys with some sort of filler, usually polyfill. These are both made by Hasbro and licensed out to other manufacturers.


Playsets are toys where the main appeal is a building for pretend play. Some of these playsets may come with a toy, some may not.

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