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Maretime Bay is a seaside town in Equestria inhabited by Earth ponies. It is the residence of Sunny Starscout, Argyle Starshine, Hitch Trailblazer, Phyllis Cloverleaf and Sprout. It is first introduced in My Little Pony: A New Generation, as the hometown of Sunny, the film's protagonist.

Infrastructure and places

Buildings of Maretime Bay

Maretime Bay is a village that lives in a more simple way. The center of the town is located by the shore and is characterized by modern low-rise buildings and non-vehicular streets, and is serviced by a short streetcar line.

Canterlogic factory

Canterlogic factory

Canterlogic is a company with a factory owned by Phyllis Cloverleaf, located on a hill behind the town center. Canterlogic products have been keeping earth ponies safe and stylish for 20 moons.



Apparently nonfunctional lighthouse, where Sunny and Argyle reside, located on a peninsula at the edge of the town. Since Maretime Bay doesn't seems to have any kind of port facilities, and no sea transport was demonstrated, lighthouse seems to be out of commission. At the final battle against Sprout, the lighthouse is destroyed. By Sunny's speech at the end (about the three pony kinds bringing back everything that was lost), it might be or has been rebuild at some point.

Town square

Town Square seen from above

Is located close to the shore. Two foal earth ponies are seen in there breaking one unicorn-like and one pegasus-like piñatas during Gonna Be My Day.

Police Department

Police Department

The Police Department of Maretime Bay is where Sheriff Hitch works alongside Deputy Sprout (but is Hitch who actually does the work). It's close to the shore. The critters that follow Hitch also stay in the Department.

Movie Theater

Movie theater

Is the movie theater of Maretime Bay, thought no pony is seen in there. The movie posters seen in there are references to real life-movies.

Cable car (railway)

Cable car

Maretime Bay's earth ponies use a cable car to move to the further away places of the town, serviced by a short streetcar line.

Smoothie Truck

Smoothie truck

There's a Smoothie truck close to the shore. It's were Sunny works with her smoothie making business and where earth ponies by them. In front of the truck, it can see some outdoor tables for earth ponies to eat outside.

Barber shop

Barber shop

In Maretime Bay there's also a barber shop, but no pony is seen having a mane cut. A pony locks the shop after first seeing Izzy in the town.



  • Maretime Bay seems to resemble the Bartimare town from G4.