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Magic restored to the Pegasi and Unicorns, the most prominent features of each kind glow as their abilites are restored

Magic is the supernatural energy and power that was once inherent to all of ponykind, giving Earth Ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns each their own magical abilities.

But long before the film's events, magic was apparently lost, the cause of which is still unknown, though the earth ponies never knew this due to their own magical abilities being more passive and subtle while the unicorns lost their power to levitate objects or cast spells while the pegasi lost their ability to fly.

However, it appears a little amount of magic remains in all ponies by their ability to grasp and handle objects with their hooves despite lacking fingers or grasping digits to do so.

After Sunny Starscout finally convinces the earth ponies of Maretime Bay, the pegasi of Zephyr Heights and the unicorns of Bridlewood to put their differences behind them and open themselves up to friendship, Magic is restored to all of ponykind with the unicorns regaining their magical abilities, the pegasi their ability to fly, and the earth ponies the ability to grow plants with the clop of a hoof. In addition, Sunny was given alicorn magic by the crystals for her belief in friendship and reuniting all ponies together.

Unicorn Magic

Unicorn Magic is the most direct manifestation of magic in Equestria. Long ago, most Unicorns could wield basic magical abilities that were inherent to their interests and skillsets. As magic disappeared generations ago, Unicorns lost most knowledge of some of the more advanced spells. When magic returned, it seems that many Unicorns were able to wield basic levitation and illumination spells through a natural instinct. Magic was seen to inhibit crystals that Unicorns collect. As of now, Izzy Moonbow is seen to be more advanced in magical ability compared to her fellow Unicorns as she is able to manipulate plants like Earth Ponies and craft items with crystals. Some animals such as Raccoons have gained Unicorn magic.

Pegasus Magic

Pegasus Magic is the ability for winged ponies to fly. Like Unicorns, many Pegasi lost the knowledge of how to successfully fly, even when magic returned. The more intrepid Pegasus, Zipp Storm, was able to relearn flying independently and took it upon herself to train her fellow Pegasi in advanced flying abilities. Some animals such as dogs have gained Pegasi magic and are able to fly.

Earth Pony Magic

Earth Ponies were the least affected by the disappearance of magic. Despite losing their natural strength, they were able to supplement this through technological development. When magic returned and subsequently stabilized, Earth Ponies gained the terrestrial ability to manipulate plants and communicate with animals.

Alicorn Magic

Alicorn Magic is by far the most powerful of all magic seen in Equestria. It is the synergy of all other forms of magic. Sunny Starscout, despite being an Earth Pony, possesses Alicorn Magic which manifests in the form of translucent wings and a horn. She received Alicorn magic upon convincing all Ponies to come together as friends again, which reunited the three crystals. There is also a mysterious, full Alicorn Queen who has a natural horn and wings. She has been shown to have a better understanding of magic.

Cutie Mark Magic

Despite having lost magic, the Ponies of Equestria continued to earn Cutie Marks in correspondence with their skills and interests. They now only appear on their right flank rather than both. With the return of magic, Cutie Marks have been shown to glow whenever Ponies use their talents to help a friend.