Izzy Moonbow is a unicorn in the upcoming generation of My Little Pony.


Her personality is currently unknown.


She is a lilac unicorn with gradiented blue/darker blue/pink hair. She has a powder blue horn with yellow swirls. Her legs have feathers. Her hooves are purple. Her mane is wavy and long. Her eyes are deep magenta and she has thin eyelashes that stick directly out. She wears a beaded bracelet on her front left hoof.


  • Trademarks for Izzy Moonbow were filed on February 25th, 2021: One for toys[1], another for media[2].
  • Izzy shares a last name with Sehanine Moonbow, an elven goddess in the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign. Both properties are owned by Hasbro[3].
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