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Izzy Moonbow is a female unicorn and one of the main characters of the fifth generation of My Little Pony.


Izzy is very energetic, creative, and finds wonder in everything. She loves doing arts and crafts, such as making friendship bracelets for her friends. Izzy loves to "unicycle"―using recycled materials to create new art.


Izzy is a lilac unicorn with navy blue hooves. She has a wavy, cerulean blue mane and tail with an indigo ombre. She also has magenta eyes, violet eyebrows, and a long powder blue horn with white swirls.

Her cutie mark is a purple heart with a blue button in the center. The anterior side of the heart features three sewing pins: two pink and one purple.

She wears a headband around her head and a friendship bracelet made of chunky blue, pink, and purple beads.


  • Trademarks for Izzy Moonbow were filed on February 25th, 2021: One for toys,[1] another for media.[2]
  • According to the official My Little Pony site, her hobby is arts and crafts.[3]
  • Izzy makes her own jewelry.
  • Izzy shares a last name with Sehanine Moonbow, an elven goddess in the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign. Both properties are owned by Hasbro.[4]
  • Izzy is the first non-Earth pony friend Sunny made.


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