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It's T.U.E.S. Day is the ninth episode of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. It was released on May 12, 2022.


Izzy makes her very own unicorn friend after her other friends neglect to celebrate a unicorn holiday with her.


Izzy dances and chants in the Crystal Brighthouse, declaring that it is T.U.E.S. Day. The other mares are baffled and Sunny points out that it is actually Thursday, before panicking over how late it is. Izzy tries to clarify that it is The Unicorn Expression of Sparkle Day, but her friends are too frantic and leave in a hurry. Izzy is disheartened and laments that she wishes she could make a new unicorn friend, which strikes her with the inspiration to literally "make" a unicorn out of random objects. She names it Señor Butterscotch. She spends the whole day hanging out with it, controlling it using her magic and pretending it can speak.

Eventually Izzy orders smoothies from Sunny and mentions T.U.E.S. Day again, and this time Sunny remembers that T.U.E.S. Day is actually a special unicorn holiday for celebrating friendship. She explains this to Pipp, Zipp, and Hitch, and when Izzy comes home to the Crystal Brighthouse, they are there waiting to celebrate with her. They apologize for forgetting about T.U.E.S. Day and Izzy is delighted that she will be able to have fun all over again, this time with her best friends.


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