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This is a summary of Generation 1 of My Little Pony. For a more in-depth look, check out the page on the My Little Wiki for Generation 1.
Generation 1 (shorthand: G1) was the first incarnation of the My Little Pony toyline. It began in 1982 and was produced in some countries up until 1995, but ended distribution in most areas in 1992.


There are over 500 different characters to collect. The toyline was less character-focused than Generation 3.5 and beyond, and as such there is a much larger variety of ponies to pick from.


There was one movie, two television shows, two animated specials, and a slew of comics and books that make up the G1 canon.
As a note, there is no singular generally accepted canon as the different sorts of G1 media were not intrinsically linked with the toyline and not all media was available in all areas.

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