G5 My Little Pony Wiki:Manual of Style

The manual of style serves as a reference to help maintain uniformity of all articles in the G5 MLP wiki. Please keep in mind that these serve as guidelines and not rules. Though these guidelines are enforced across the wiki, certain exceptions to these can apply when necessary. The manual of style is ultimately dictated by the community, and as such, this manual is subject to change at any time.

Before editing, please make sure to read the wiki's guidelines!



For consistencies sake, please only edit main pages in English (you may use other languages on user and talk pages). American spelling is preferred for consistency.


Please do not use nicknames or fan-names for characters in the title of the article. If a toy version of that character has an extra word appended (e.g. Trixie Lulamoon) please use the toy version. Redirect pages for the media name will be implemented. Words such as "The" and "A/An" should be avoided as the first word of the article title.


Articles should be written objectively or neutrally. Avoid second person ("You") when writing articles.


Infoboxes should be placed before the first paragraph of the article. If you're using the visual editor, you may have to switch to the source mode or the classic editor to fix its position.


The first instance of the article's title in the article should be bolded, but no other instances. Nicknames should also be bolded in their first appearance. Here is an example of this:

bag (also known regionally as a sack) :

Names of series or TV shows should be italicized and episode titles should be put in quotations. When referring to toy series, put the name in quotations.


Linking is encouraged. Please only link the first instance of a noun, aside from those links within infoboxes. Do not spam links.


When implementing photos from media, please use the highest quality image available and do not crop (except for infoboxes). If a higher quality version of an image is found, please replace the original image with the new one rather than uploading seperately.

Try to avoid stock photos when possible for toy images, this is because toys can often change from the prototype stage when most of these photos are taken. Stock photos are still valuable resources, but will be deleted if a better photo of the IN HAND toy exists. Photographs of loose toys should be clear, good quality (a phone camera is usually appropriate), and focus on the toy itself. Backgrounds other than white are acceptable as long as they do not change the supposed color of the figure. Photos should be categorized by Series, Character.

Ownership of Toy Images

It is frustrating when your toy images are stolen. If you wish for your images to be watermarked but are unable to watermark, I will watermark them for you if you reach out to me. Watermarking will deter image thieves while still letting your information be available for identification/documentation.