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Foal Me Once is the seventh episode of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. It was released on May 5, 2022.


Hitch tries to find the thief stealing everything across the town.


When Hitch finds an overturned trash can in Maretime Bay, he is determined to find out who did it. However, that turns out to be one of just many problems when he returns to the sheriff station only to be bombarded with calls about missing items. Zipp comes in to check on him and suggests that he should find a new deputy, but he insists that he works alone and proceeds to investigate all the cases. When he returns to the station, his favorite smoothie flavor is mysteriously left for him.

The next morning, Hitch opens his closet and all the missing items tumble out. Hitch takes this as proof he is somehow the thieving criminal, and Zipp later finds that he has locked himself up in jail. She observes the evidence he gathered and notes that it must be a set-up because the criminal specifically stole his favorite things. Hitch comes back to his senses and realizes that the culprit must be his critter companions, who were stealing his favorite items to give to him in an attempt to receive his attention. After the critters return the stolen items, Hitch apologizes for ignoring them in past, but still locks them up in jail for their crimes.