Fluttershy is a deceased pegasus in the upcoming generation of My Little Pony. She used to represent the element of Kindness.


True to her name, Fluttershy was very shy and introverted. Despite her introversion, Fluttershy was extremely kind and patient with other ponies and animals. She tried to see the good in every pony and situation.


Fluttershy was a soft yellow pegasus with a long pink mane and tail. She had aqua eyes. Her Cutie Mark was of three pink butterflies with blue bodies and antennae.

Concept Art

Earlier G5 ideas featured redesigns of the Generation 4 characters from the cartoon. Fluttershy has changed from a pegasus pony to a unicorn. Her symbol remains butterfly-related and her mane remains pink, but multiple concepts have added vines or flowers in her hair. Markings are sparse, but green as a secondary color is often seen.

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