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Earth Pony Kid is an earth pony filly from My Little Pony: A New Generation. She has a bigger role in the end credits scene where she is seen playing with her new friends: a a unicorn kid and a pegasus kid. She left glowing hooveprints on the grass that glowed with a subtle prismatic radiance.


The young earth pony, just like any other kid, is excited and playful. Just like most earth ponies, she used to be afraid of unicorns and pegasi for hearing the fake stories about the other pony kinds trying to attack Maretime Bay.

But after magic returned, she was able to form a true friendship with a unicorn kid and a pegasus kid.


The earth pony kid has light pink skin with white gloves and hot pink hooves, she also has amethyst mane and tail and light brown eyes. She also wears a hot pink bow on the left side of her head.


  • She with her unicorn friend and pegasus friend are a clear reference of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
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