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Dumpster Diving is the thirteenth episode of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. Its events take place during the time of Make Your Mark. It was released on June 9, 2022, although the English version was uploaded twelve hours prior to the usual release time.


Izzy desperately searches for the last piece she needs to finish Sunny's Maretime Bay Day gift.


While her friends are busy watching a diving competition on TV, Izzy is at work making a lantern as Sunny's Maretime Bay Day gift. She needs a ring to fit the top of the lantern, but she cannot find the right size in the house, so she continues her search outside. She searches all over Maretime Bay but cannot seem a suitable ring. She ends up following some Raccorns to a dumpster, and she is mesmerized by the assortment of trinkets inside. She ends up finding the perfect ring for Sunny's lantern and later succeeds in completing it. However, Pipp is distraught over her mane dryer missing a bunch of pieces, with Izzy replying that she can fix it. Izzy returns to the dumpster, eager to find the trinkets needed to fix Pipp's mane dryer.