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Cloudpuff (referred to as Cotondoux in French) is a character who appears in My Little Pony: A New Generation. He is Queen Haven's flying pet pomeranian.


Cloudpuff is a fluffy, white pomeranian with a round body, short legs, and tiny paws. His ears are rounded triangles with a faint spiral pattern inside each. He has beady black eyes, a wide black nose, and gray paw pads. He has two stumpy wings, each with three fuzzy feathers. Like the Pegasi and other winged critters, he was unable to fly until Equestria's magic was restored.


Because he isn't sapient in the way ponies are, Cloudpuff cannot speak. However, he expresses his personality through his actions. He seems to be aware of his royal status and comes off as a bit snooty. He may also be spoiled since Queen Haven treats him to pedicures and lets him sleep on her bed with his own cushion and eye mask. He is loyal and protective of her, and helped lead her to her daughters after she escaped custody. He is full of energy, barking and bouncing around when he is happy. He is devoted to returning items back to their owners. This is evident when he was determined to give Queen Haven's crown back to her, and when he returned Hitch's lost badge.

As with most other animals, Cloudpuff adores Hitch and became enamored with him as soon as he saw him.

He seems to be good at tracking, as he was able to find Zipp, Pipp, and Hitch after they fled Zephyr Heights.

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