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Clip Trot is the eighth episode of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. It was released on April 28, 2022.


Pipp tries to get her friends in on a Clip Trot trend, but they aren't performing to her liking.


After watching a Clip Trot dance video, Pipp petals is excited to join in on the trend. However, when she records her friends, they do their own dances instead of copying the one from the video. Pipp is frustrated and shows them how to dance the right way, but their motivation is lost and they quickly make excuses to leave.

Later, Pipp gets Jazz to record her as she attempts to perform the dance alone, but Posey informs her that the Hip Hop Bunny Bop trend is already out of style and that everypony is waiting for the next big thing. Pipp gets the idea to start "the next big thing" herself, editing the video of her friends dancing in their own ways and singing her own version of the Clip Trot song. It becomes popular all around Equestria.

Pipp and her friends are happy about the success of the video, and they notice a group of young fillies attempting to imitate their dances. Offering the advice that she learned, Pipp tells the fillies that they should just try being themselves.


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