Unicorns are one of the three main types of Ponies.


Unicorns have one horn on the top of their forehead which enables them to perform spells.


In Generation 1, unicorns make up about 25% of all ponies, about even with the distribution of Pegasus ponies. Many unicorns are capable of specific sorts of magic, for example, Fizzy is capable of producing bubbles from her horn. Some ponies are known for "Winking Out", which is essentially short-range teleportation.
In Generation 2, unicorns are the only other kind of pony aside from Earth ponies. Only a few unicorns exist.
In Generation 3 and Generation 3.5, unicorns are the least populated kind of pony, only 1.5% of all ponies are unicorns. They are capable of producing rainbows from their horns but otherwise show little magic capacity. One of the main cast from Generation 3.5 is a unicorn.
In Generation 4 and Generation 4.5, unicorns are about as equally distributed as the other types of ponies. These ponies were originally in charge of the day and night cycles and tend to be associated with high society. Both Generations have two-sixths of their mane casts as unicorns.

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