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Pegasus ponies or simply Pegasi are one of the three main types of Ponies.


Pegasus ponies have wings and the ability to fly. According to Argyle Starshine, Pegasi were once able to "paint the skies with rainbows", indicating they had some magical power over the weather, and it is said before ponykind was divided that pegasus ponies could also walk on clouds.


In Generation 1, Pegasus ponies make up about 25% of all ponies, about even with the distribution of unicorns. Many Pegasus ponies were described on backcards to have magical powers which usually manifested by blinking or wiggling an ear.
In Generation 2, Pegasus ponies were absent.
In Generation 3 and Generation 3.5, Pegasus ponies were the second most popular sort of pony, making up about 8% of all ponies. These ponies were depicted as being naturally shy and lived on a tropical island away from the other ponies, perhaps to explain their rarity.
In Generation 4 and Generation 4.5, Pegasus ponies are about as equally distributed as the other types of ponies. These ponies, in addition to their flight ability, could walk on clouds and control the weather. Both Generations have two-sixths of their mane casts as Pegasus ponies.

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