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Earth ponies are one of the three main types of Ponies.


Earth ponies lack both wings and horns, but like all ponies, they can hold and handle objects with their hooves despite lacking fingers or grasping digits. Earth ponies have the ability to influence the growth of plants in the area, create new plants, and talk to animals.


In Generation 1, Earth ponies were the dominant type of pony, and were the original type introduced. The ratio of Earth ponies to other types is roughly 2:1. As such, they had the widest variety of poses. Many Earth ponies were described on backcards to have magical powers which usually manifested by blinking or wiggling an ear.
In Generation 2, Earth ponies were overwhelmingly the dominant type of pony. About 95% of all ponies in this generation were Earth ponies.
In Generation 3 and Generation 3.5, Earth ponies remained the dominant type of pony, with about 90% of all G3 ponies being Earth ponies. In Generation 3.5, one Pegasus pony and one unicorn were kept and treated as main characters.
In Generation 4 and Generation 4.5, Earth ponies are about as equally distributed as the other types of ponies, if a bit skewed in favor of Earth ponies. These ponies were shown to have a connection to nature and had a very agriculture-based society. Both Generations have two-sixths of their mane casts as Earth ponies.

Generation 5

Years after Magic disappeared from Equestria, Earth Ponies are shown to be living apart from Unicorns and Pegasi. As technology has advanced and farming has largely given way to a more cosmopolitan society, Earth Pony strength has become far less relevant. However, with the reunification of the three crystals, Earth Ponies have discovered new terrestrial magic.

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