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Applejack was an Earth pony who represented the element of Honesty and was one of the six Guardians of Harmony.


Applejack was a dependable pony who valued hard work and honesty. She was good at keeping her friends grounded and in check, but was sometimes quite stubborn and proud to the point of refusing help. Nonetheless, she was always someone to rely on.


Applejack had an orange coat and a blonde mane and tail, which were often tied up with red scrunchies. She had green eyes and three white freckles on each cheek. Her cutie mark was three red apples. Applejack would rarely be seen without her tan cowboy hat.

Concept Art

Earlier G5 ideas featured redesigns of the Generation 4 characters from the cartoon. Applejack was kept an Earth pony, although the few designs presented for her rebooted design included white markings, something mostly absent from the previous generation. Recurring design elements included white muzzles, white feathers, and braids. Designs with cutie marks have kept them apple-themed, although the number of apples varied from one to three.

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