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Alphabittle owns the Crystal Tea Room, which is where Izzy Moonbow brings her friends to search for the Unicorn crystal. Alphabittle is in the middle of winning a snowglobe from a pony after they fail at a rubik's cube challenge. Alphabittle has a crowd of armadillo-like creatures that assist him with the games and organization of his trinkets, who serve tea to a challenging Sunny. Alphabittle is very interested by Sunny's challenge. He shares some competitive banter with Sunny. He seems to understand that the Unicorn crystal is very valuable, as he taunts Sunny to bet something of high value in exchange. He is very surprised to see the Pegasus crystal, but Izzy pulls Sunny away for some discussion quickly. He begins to lose patience with the discussion and asks if they have a deal. Sunny agrees and goes to solve the same cube, but Alphabittle tells her that a prize of such value will have a special competition.

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Alphabittle brings the "Ultimate Challenge", a DDR-style dancing game. Although the announcer says the game will be a best out of three competition, Alphabittle says Sunny only needs to win one round to win the bet. Alphabittle easily wins the first and second rounds, very confident in his abilities. After Sunny, encouraged by Pipp, starts to win in the third round, Alphabittle's confidence really wavers and he loses.


While celebrating her win, Sunny's disguise falls off and Alphabittle is angry to learn that she's an Earth pony. Sunny explains she's here to help, but Alphabittle claims they don't need help. He demands the Pegasus crystal despite Sunny's winnings, but he is stopped by Hitch initiating the "Bing Bong" ritual, stopping them all from chasing the mane 5.

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Alphabittle follows the group shortly after, finding them after they've been stopped by Queen Haven. Alphabittle tries to claim the Pegasus crystal from Queen Haven as the Unicorns and Pegasi fight. Alphabittle then watches Sunny and Izzy reunite the crystals, and is dissapointed to see nothing happen. He wordlessly accepts the Unicorn crystal from Sunny as the group splits up.

A million ships sailed that day...

Alphabittle later chased Izzy Moonbow, who left Bridlewood for Maretime Bay, and is approached by Sprout's mech. He willingly gives the Unicorn crystal to Sunny when she asks. He protects his armadillos from being splattered with Sprout's defenses, getting himself stuck in the process. He later is saved by Queen Haven, who bowls into him to get him out of Sprout's path.

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He is later moved by Sunny's speech, and symbolically helps to put the picture of Argyle and Sunny back together, pledging to unite with the other kinds once again. He chuckles as his magic is restored and his horn glows. He is later laughing with Queen Haven and greeting a young Earth pony running around with Cloudpuff, seemingly no longer bigoted towards the other kinds.

My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale

Alphabittle is seen in Clip Trot using a phone and enjoying the new dance.

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