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Alphabittle Blossomforth is a male unicorn pony in the upcoming generation of My Little Pony. He is the owner of a teahouse in Bridlewood.


Alphabittle is very competitive, sure of himself, and exceptionally skilled at games. He enjoys collecting trinkets and artifacts, many of which he wins through wagers.

However, Alphabittle was originally bigoted towards earth ponies and pegasi, as he went back on his word to relinquish the crystal he wagered to Sunny upon seeing she was really an earth pony and even demanded she give him the crystal that she wagered, indicating he does not like to be tricked or lied to yet showing he can be a sore loser. Like the other unicorns, Alphabittle is (or perhaps was) also superstitious as Hitch Trailblazer exploited unicorn superstition by uttering the four words forbidden by the unicorns (Magic, Wing, Feather, and Mayonnaise) to compel Alphabittle to do the Bing-bong dance to ward off the "Jinxies".

Alphabittle also displayed his animosity towards pegasi and earth ponies in how he spoke to and treated them, such as Queen Haven, though was perplexed by Sunny's integrity in returning to him the unciorn crystal and apologizing for any trouble she caused and perhaps he noticed her sadness when she'd failed to restore magic by uniting the unicorn and pegasus crystals.

For all his faults, Alphabittle cares about his people as he went to find Izzy in Maretime Bay and bring her home, only to be confronted by Sprout and his war machine. Once the chaos settled, Alphabittle was moved by Sunny's words that it wasn't the crystal that had to be united, but they, the ponies, to accept love and friendship or continue to be divided by fear and distrust. This, along with Queen Haven saving his life earlier, convinced Alphabittle to embrace friendship and harmony, especially after the act of all ponies doing so finally restored magic to all, and Alphabittle became a happier and friendlier pony.


Alphabittle is a large, heavyset unicorn with a medium gray coat and dark gray hooves. He has a wispy white mane and tail, bushy eyebrows, sideburns, and a beard. He has freckles on his cheeks, and brown eyes. His cutie mark is a teapot.


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