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Alicorn Issues is the fourteenth episode of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. It marks the first time Sunny Starscout's alicorn transformation is depicted in the web series. It was released on June 16, 2022.


Sunny struggles to control her magical alicorn powers.


Sunny is dreaming of her friends when she unexpectedly grows her alicorn wings and horn in her sleep, waking her friends up with her glowing light before unintentionally sending glitter bursting everywhere. Sunny feels guilty about not being able to keep her powers under control, so her friends suggest for her to come up with a catchphrase to help her summon her powers on command. This only gives Sunny tiny wings, and she feels distraught that she won't be able to help anypony in her current condition. Pipp Petals believes that a makeover will help her get in touch with her powers, but this leads to Sunny's mane growing excessively long.

Zipp takes Sunny to a difficult obstacle course in the belief that danger will bring out Sunny's powers, but after Sunny suffers through it, it only causes one of her wings to grow bigger. Her friends discuss among themselves how to complete Sunny's alicorn transformation, and a disheartened Sunny wanders to the beach to sit alone. Hitch finds her and she explains to him that she feels as if she is stuck while everypony else is growing so fast. Hitch reminds her that she helped everypony believe in magic and that it is her turn to believe in her own magic. Sunny thanks him, but suddenly, a huge tidal wave is gaining in on some young foals on the seaside. Sunny races over to protect the foals and her alicorn powers finally come to her, allowing her to blast the dangerous wave into nothing but glitter.