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A Home to Share is the second episode of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale.[1] It was released on Youtube on April 7th, 2022. It was first seen uploaded in Korean and Japanese the previous day.


Sunny and her friends attempt to turn the Crystal Brighthouse into the home of their dreams.


Sunny introduces her friends to their new home, the Crystal Brighthouse, with hopes that they can work together to make it perfect. Her friends excitedly get to work before she has a chance to give them a plan, but she isn't too bothered by this at first. They all sing Work Work Work as they go. Zipp and Izzy paint the walls while Pipp decorates, Sunny sweeps, and Hitch tries to build a shelf. Sunny quickly realizes that things are turning south--the house is a mess and everypony is stressed out.

When the photo of her and Argyle gets knocked off the wall, she grabs it and retreats to her room. She sadly wonders what went wrong and muses that her dad always brought out the best in her. She then realizes that she needs to do the same for her friends, and she goes out to guide them again. This time, everypony actually works together instead of merely working in the same space, and finally their new home really is perfect.


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  1. According to the Youtube copyright ID system, there is a reference upload of this episode which describes it as episode two. It is the first episode by release time